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Black Guitar Capo1T - Has Beautiful Tungsten Finish and Lifetime Guarantee

() - March 7, 2015

Black Guitar Capo 1T Our newest guitar capo is also a highly polished electroplated finish.  This time, however it is a Tungsten black finish.  Make no mistake though it still has a mirror finish.Just like our gold capo this one comes with:* Proper spring pressure so the strings don't buz...

Gold Guitar Capo - Premium Performance - Lifetime Guarantee

() - March 7, 2015

Gold Guitar Capo1G The Capo1G was our first product and still our top seller.  The highly polished electroplated finish is simply stunning.  The performance is first rate. * Spring pressure keeps the strings from buzzing* Silicon Pads won't mar the guitar finish* Moves easily with one han...

How to install a Ceramic Tile Shower

() - January 11, 2013

How to install a Ceramic Tile Shower - Shown are the steps necessary to install a tile shower from the studs up. While the article is a little simplistic it does show the 8 basic steps to install a ceramic shower in your own home.

The Best Tablet Computers Can be Diffiult to Find

() - November 29, 2012

Best Tablet Computers - We know that sometimes it is hard to find the best pad computers out there. At we carry a broad selection of the best tablet computers. We have user rating data, lots of technical details and pictures. Come see us, won't you?

Autoweek has All Your Racing News

() - November 21, 2012

Autoweek Racing News Online - has a racing section that has all the news fit to print pertaining to automobile racing around the globe. Of course, Autoweek is famous for its knowledgeable in-depth car reviews, photo galleries, video galleries, and car news in general. Please come ...

American Paint Horse Association

() - November 21, 2012

Home of the American Paint Horse Association - The American Paint Horse Association is the breed website for all things relating to the paint horse in America. You can become a member and have access to many of the fine programs they have available. The breed publication is one of the finest ma...

Novice Horseman Has Massive Info for the Beginning Horse Owner

() - November 20, 2012 Dara runs Novice Horseman and has been riding horses for well over 20 years. One of things she focuses on is to make sure that people who want to buy their first horse (or their parents) know exactly what they are getting into. She want to make sure you make informed decisions and...

Home Recording Studio Expert Can Teach You How to Build a Home Studio

() - November 20, 2012

Home Recording Studio - At we have started to grow a website soon to be filled with information for the beginning home recording studio. Home Recording Studio Expert is an electrical design engineer that played in bands for over 20 years. He's not just some kid who ...

GPS Designer Does Contract Work

() - November 20, 2012

GPS Designer - Rex Turner is a GPS Designer that can troubleshoot existing designs. He can help test product performance, antenna tuning, susceptibility, GUI, Interface problems, Power supplies, and more. Click on the link above to see what GPS Engineer can do for you. He has 20 years experienc...

Best Hair Salon in Tulsa

() - November 20, 2012

Best Hair Salon in Tulsa - Angles in Tulsa is the best hair salon in Tulsa, OK. Many of our customers have been coming to us for over 20 years. The friendly atmosphere and best hair stylists keep people coming back year after year. We can handle perms, hair color, prom hairdos, wedding hairstyl...